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At Meridian Land Surveyors we aim to provide professional service and personal attention to our clients by supplying accurate, high quality, well presented plans, surveys and reports.  Please select any of the links below for examples of our work.


Level Survey

To establish variation of ground levels across the subject site, for preparation of building and development plans.


Re-Establishment Surveys

To re-establish the title boundaries of the subject site.


Re-Establishment and Level Surveys

To re-stablish the title boundaries and provide details of the land levels.  Primarily used when planning building works.


Re-Establishment / Feature / Level Survey

To re-establish the title boundaries of the subject site, and provide details of the ground levels and location of features such as existing buildings and significant trees. 


Plan of Subdivision (page 1 . 2 )

Taking into account development plans for the site, a plan of subdivision is prepared by our licenced surveyor adhering to planning requirements.  We will then lodge the Plan of Subdivision and associated planning applications on your behalf, and once certified by Council prepare supporting documents for lodgement at Land Titles Office.


Creation of Easement (page 1 . 2 )

To create a new or vary an existing easement, right of way, etc.


Site Context

To examine the features of the subject site and adjoining properties including buildings, roads, significant trees, etc.